More Moleskine Love

This moleskine is nearing the end. I have a new sketchbook all ready and waiting....a beautiful little Rag and Bone sketchbook. I'm a little mad at them for not making the big sketchbooks anymore, but I like the little ones too. Here is an interesting moleskine to look at. And this one is pretty cool too.


Foggy Meadow

Over at the meadow yesterday afternoon it felt like being in the hills of France or something. Look at this late afternoon light! It was foggy most of the day and I knew I'd get some photos that would show the essence of this place in autumn. I think of it as "Thanksgiving-y". 


Ephemeral Collage

To avoid working on a project I need to be working on today (does everybody do this?) I started playing around in my collage boxes. I made these "ephemeral collages". It's fun to play with all these great snippets and shapes, especially when I know they are just doodles. I'm going to keep making these until I get bored with it.



I'm never sure whether or not it is good to revisit an old riff in my work. Picasso said he was really in trouble when he started to mimic himself...or words to that effect. I've been working again on these "botanicals". I want to take them further than I did before. We'll see. Right now they are stalled. Oh, and it doesn't help that it is a really cold, grey day here.

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