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Sophie Truong has a new Etsy shop!

Sophie Truong is a wonderful artist who works in several mediums, and she just opened an Etsy shop to sell some of her brand new work...handbags and totes made out of the most beautiful buttery soft leather and some in stitched linen. Just to tease you I don't have any photos of them here, but you can take a look at the shop over here. And go to her blog Stitch and Tickle here. She has a way of finding the most interesting and timely things to blog about. I always count on her to enlighten me. The above are just a tiny peek into her world, with some photos of her work and studio at The Boston Center for the Arts and her home studio (and her little dog Oops).The works made from teabags are from a solo show she had a year or so ago. She works in fiber quite a bit at present, stitching and wrapping on felted wool and other fabrics. The envelopes on top were made from recycled plastic shopping bags, and the little girl figures are made from lobster bait bags! Another form she works with is wire and linen. Those little lanterns are so beautifully made. She makes jewelry too, and that stack of quilts are waiting to be altered. As you can see, she is an artist deeply engaged in creating. I'm planning on keeping a close eye on her Etsy shop because I would love to own just about anything she makes. Congratulations Sophie. You amaze me!

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