Deeper & Deeper

Yep. Deeper and deeper in love with drawing and collaging. I love this artist because she is so obviously in love with the process of making art. Line Juhl Hansen. I was pulling out materials to start a collage and I just thought "what will come of it all?" when I looked at this pile. That is what keeps me going...finding out. It's never what I think it will be. But I always handle whatever comes up somehow, and learn something. 


Little Boats

I have been in the studio on a good schedule lately. I'm working on these little boats or pods or whatever they are, in everything I'm doing. They are getting combined with other shapes I'm playing with for my fabric designing project. I'm layering different washes and adding many details to these works. I like to use iridescent inks but they make them difficult to photograph. Using tools well is so important. I have good brushes and good materials and paper, but I always need to learn how to use them better. I find that what keeps me going is the desire to really craft something so that I can make something of beauty. I was thinking yesterday as I was working on this piece about that song with the line "I'm going to make you love me"!

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