Ky Anderson

Karl Bielik Pram

Vincent Hawkins

David Quinn

Susan Skilling
Just some artists I've been looking at lately. The world of Pinterest has opened my knowledge of artists more than I could have imagined. I have many pins of artists, studios, and sketchbooks over there.


Cecile Deladier, Part 2

Remember the post I did on French ceramicist Cecile Deladier back in January? Well, here she is again, with more work. I saw her featured on Remodelista, here, and here, and I was struck by how wonderfully she understands flowers. That's what makes her vases so perfect. She obviously loves to give flowers and plants something to accentuate their unique beauty. I also like the tenderness of her forms. I've been gardening like crazy since we returned from Italy. No time for anything else right now. It's amazing what a few weeks away in the middle of May will do to your garden. Havoc! So that must be why I am so drawn to these vessels. Also, I am taking a break from making ceramics because my teacher had a baby and is moving house (good excuses!) so we will start back up again in September. I miss working with clay so much. 

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