Cafe Sketchbook

Here are some more cafe sketches. I've decided that I will just take them as the opportunity to capture a moment even if people move so fast I can only get a qick impression. People are so absorbed and busy in this cafe. They work on their computers, run in to get coffee, chat with friends they meet. It's good because they are so busy they don't notice I'm watching them and drawing. I do wish I could do this all day long. I love gesture.



These are the fifth pieces from the Layers project I am working on with Erika. She made her piece (top ones here) on top of her first offering, using my drop shapes to respond to. In my work I was responding to the colors she has been using and the "taco" shapes of her last offering. I wanted to return to drawing and collage as I had done in my first offering. We were beginning to notice how the work was driving us in a certain direction, so I think these pieces were our reaction to that...to try to open it up a bit more.

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