We're Live on Etsy!

We just launched the new Etsy shop! Here is the hardworking printer. We made an offering to the printer just to keep it happy and productive. Many thanks to Nanako, seen here with her Grandmother's hand-knit lucky sweater vest on. We are covering all bases!


Getting Ready

Lots of early mornings and late nights are going into getting my Etsy shop ready to launch this Friday. I think I have to adopt Nanako now because she has spent so much time working on this with me.



This is what the neighborhood looks like after the big snowstorm last night. I went out early to take pictures. I always end up with shots that look exactly the same as all the other snowstorm pictures I've ever taken, but it is so beautiful I can never resist.


Little Bit of Everything

Here are some collages I did using quotes from The Little Zen Book. I love quotes and need to find out the rules for using them in my art. Don't want to infringe on copyrights. Here is part of our healthy breakfast, and of course pretty Yummy cat has to get some play today.

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