And Still I Rise

Nicolas Nade

Nicolas Nade is a French artist, found over here at Modele Puissance. The top works are carbon paper drawings and the others look like a water -based medium. The way they are made across the spread of a sketchbook is nice. And the color use is interesting and unusual. I like the saturation level and the way they are clear but not bright.


ribboned asparagus salad

I just had to post a second video on Kinfolk Magazine when I saw this salad recipe. It's not the season for asparagus...but I can start plotting now. See my previous post for more.

Kinfolk Volume Two Preview

I had a friend to tea yesterday and she told me about Kinfolk Magazine. She said it's her new obsession. And I always listen very closely to her because she knows all the best stuff, has great style, and is always out ahead of the pack. So, I went looking, and found some beautiful videos here. Check out the one on bees and honey! But not until you have toast and honey close by. You can subscribe here. Also, look at the website of the graphic designer for the magazine, Amanda Jane Jones, over here. I love the gentle, simple beauty of what I see here. I think it might be my second magazine subscription purchase this week. Budget is such an ugly word.

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