Winter Diary

I'm trying to love winter. I say "trying" because it's not usually my favorite time of year. I'm a summer girl at heart, but I must say that since changing my attitude and finding pleasure in winter instead of cursing it (!) I have found amazing beauty. There is a certain quality of light in the late afternoon that I am now in love with. The starkness of the trees and branches are so gorgeous and graphic just now. Night drives through the country lanes are mysterious and quiet. Shadows are interesting. Tracks and footsteps are fun to put a story to. Of course there is also sitting by the fireside, lighting candles, and eating carbs. What could be bad about any of that? I'd love to know your strategies for winter living, too.


jennifermazzucco said...

buying tickets for india in the spring, chocolate, painting, spending time with friends, fires in the fireplace, drumming, singing kirtan... those are some of the ways i am keeping positive this winter - i am like you - i used to despise the cold, lack of color, long season... now i am loving it. oh, and many snow days home from teaching help too!
ps. i love your blog!
thanks for the inspiration

RC Reese said...

Lari, I saw your interview and found it inspiring...so I hoped on over to your blog. Lovely images, lovely work. Makes me want to get to work! Have a wonderful, creative weekend!

Lari Washburn said...

Jennifer...kirtan sounds like a great way to bring energy to winter...and a good snow day never hurt anybody! And thank you RC for your warm words...:-)

Kathryn said...

A San Francisco winter is often summery so I have to say I love winter here ... no fog! It's the cold foggy summers I hate. We escape to the wine country 45 minutes away and 30 degrees warmer!

Lari Washburn said...

Now that's a strategy!

Sophie Truong said...

1) get the hell out of here as much as u can or
2) build an igloo
3) stay in your igloo
4) don't eat yellow snow
5) drink manhattans
6) forget about your hair & wear hats!

Lari Washburn said...

I knew there were very good reasons why you are my dear friend!

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