Odette New York

I think I could wear Odette Jewelry every day. I have my eye on that gold bangle...and the pendant...and the rings too...and then I took a look at her Etsy shop and...well you know what I mean. I found her through The Makers Project. Take a look at the Odette New York site here. And go over to her blog from there. The Etsy shop is here. All images here are by Jennifer Causey from The Makers Project blog.


kathryn said...

I discovered her work last year too at The Maker's project and fell for her studio as well. Strange response but, what I'm most excited about in that top picture was her 'thimble' she uses ... just the creative solution I was looking for since I hate thimbles!

Sophie Truong said...

man you've been busy, your blog looks great and i cant wait to explore all of your links. xoxo

ps should i send John to your blog for xmas ideas? :)

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