New Work

I've been working on these panels and the large canvas on the bottom recently. I'm still having trouble photographing them well. It's always been hard to photograph my work anyway because it has so much white in it, and many layers of surface detail. When I put washes into the work it becomes even more difficult to photograph without glare, or the feeling of overexposure. I don't think I know how to focus my *!@!#!***!* camera yet either! Learning is something that requires faith and persistence, right? Do you ever feel kind of pissed at all the things we artists have to learn how to do to get our work seen, when all we really want to do is just make the art? At least that's all I really want to do. Then I remember how grateful I am to spend part of every day creating! 

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Kathryn said...

These are so amazing, Lari! I SO wish I could see them in person as I'm sure they're even more amazing with the textures. The photos came out great but yes, I understand completely how frustrating it can be trying to photograph artwork. I shot one piece 30 times before I realized I had the low jpeg setting on my camera not the high RAW, grrr.

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