I took these works of mine to a professional photographer a few weeks back. I think the details are much better in these photos than when I have shot them. I still find that some works, like the very monochromatic ones, are not coming out well. It's a pity too, since those are the ones I am most interested in making right now. 


Judy Martin said...

I really like these monochromatic pieces. Yes, it is hard to get good photographs of them.

That pink one, and the white dot one, = I can reach out and touch them with my mind.

Thanks for doing them. They make us all happier.

Lari Washburn said...

Thanks so much Judy! As you no doubt know, we all wonder at times what the value of making art is! If I can make someone a little happier I am satisfied.

Christy Burleson@Online Accredited PhD Programs said...

I agree with the comment that the monochromatic pictures are very impressive, especially the first one and the fourth one. I know that they are very similar but I just like that design. I like that in some of these photos, there is an illusion of a three dimension effect as well.

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