Ceramics Update

 Here is what's been going on over at the ceramics studio. This large vessel on the top left has a removable collar so it can be used in two different ways. The vase to the right is really about a foot tall, so that other one is gigantic. Both are coiled. Then you see the big vessel with underglaze. Below the big vessel has had a wax resist design applied, and then glaze. Maybe it will be out of the kiln next week and I can show you the finished product.

 I've been playing with faux bois. I have this little rubber mat with the design on it that gets pressed into the clay. I like it. Below are a series of shallow bowls and plates in various states of underglaze, glaze and on the bottom are finished pieces.

I really look forward to my time in the clay studio. Ingrid Bathe, my teacher, always gives me new things to think about and work on. Just this past week she suggested that I think a little bit about the thickness I want my finished work to be....good thought, and one I always overlook! Much to learn.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for the peek at the ceramic work! All of it lovely, of course. You seem to have mastered the learning curve! I took a break from making map plates last week to make a salad bowl, so nice to not think about concepts all of the time! Happy making!

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