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I'm lucky to live near Spindleworks, which is a non profit art center for adults with disabilities. I went over there this week and talked to a group of artists about my sketchbooks, as part of a program they have called "Lunch with an Artist". It was so inspiring to meet the artists and staff, and to see all their art. The walls are covered with drawings, paintings, weavings, embroideries. I wanted to buy everything. The artists I talked to were so engaged in making their art, and very curious about what I do. I agreed to come back and show them my poured acrylic technique. The environment there is so rich! It's every artist's dream of room after room of looms, paints, shop supplies, drawing space. Spindleworks has been in existence for more than 30 years now, and they succeed in making creative space available to these unique artists in an exemplary way. The above is just a small sample of what is going on there. They have a shop too!


Jamie Ribisi-Braley said...

I love Spindleworks!! They are such a wonderful organization with the most talented artists gathered in one spot.

Claire said...

What a wonderful project. I work for an arts/mental health project and this will be very inspiring for us. Thanks for sharing it.

Sophie Truong said...

can't wait to go there with you. Fab.

Kitty Kilian said...

I am always amazed at the bold images and the strong and unusual colour combinations such special needs artists make. Same in Holland. And why we can't do that. What is the difference in our way of looking at the world.. or on what do we base our choices that they don't..

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