Maria Kristofersson

This is the work of Maria Kristofersson. Her website is here.The pale palette appeals to me, and the simplicity and reference to everyday objects. The tile that looks like a dishtowel just thrills me. I'm studying ceramics right now with Ingrid Bathe, (here), so I am really looking at lots of ceramicist's work. I've always loved ceramics, but when I did a ceramics workshop at Haystack the summer before last I knew I would be exploring the subject more deeply. I love drawing on clay. Ingrid has her studio 5 minutes from my house...so I guess I had to go with the rightness of that too!

1 comment:

LR said...

the clock is pretty amazing. my father does ceramic work. i have several of his works around my house and cherish them so. best wishes as you explore ceramic work.

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