Ayumi Horie

Ceramic teapot by Ayumi Horie via michaelklinepottery.blogspot.com

Ceramic artist Ayumi Horie has organized an auction to raise money for Japan. Artists are signing up, and being invited, to donate work for the eBay auction Handmade for Japan. The auction was slated to take place on March 18th on eBay, but I was in touch with the organizers (handmadeforjapan@gmail.com), and they said they have had such a huge response by artists that they may delay the auction a week to include more art. Isn't that heartening! You may remember that Ayumi Horie was the artist who created Obamaware back in 2008. 

Ceramic bowl by Ayumi Horie via michaelklinepottery.blogspot.com

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Kitty Kilian said...

Beautiful stuff that Horie makes! Love the animal designs. I did not know her.. and now i do ;-)

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