We just returned from a visit to Italy. We went to Rome, then to Umbria to meet up with friends in Panicale. Our friend owns a home there and has friends in the area, so we were lucky enough to get to have dinner several times with them in their home, and to visit another friend of theirs, Marino Moretti, a ceramicist who has a home/studio near Orvieto. His very  engaging website is here. He works in many clay bodies, but right now he is  working mostly in porcelain. His work is wonderful, and he is a very welcoming and kind man. He fed us polenta cake and tiny cafe macchiatos in his medieval stone house (!). His grandfather was a well known photographer, and you can see a large view he did of Orvieto in the background. I took all these photos of Marino's home and studio using the ShakeIt app with my iPhone. In fact all the photos I took in Italy were on my iPhone. I just could not imagine hauling a big camera around. I'll post a few more photos of what we saw in the next few days. Meanwhile, here are a few more photos from our visit with Marino.

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