Corey Daniels

Work by Peter Bennett

Melissa Turner

Clint Fulkerson
Last week I went to Corey Daniels (website here) in Wells, Maine. I've been told about this place by a friend for years, but never made it there. It's pretty wonderful, as you can see by the photos. Art and antiques and STYLE. I don't know who all the artists are, so forgive me. I'm not doing much due diligence these days as we are on a 2 week vacation and promising ourselves to do only what we really want to do. You can look at an interesting article in the NYT on Corey Daniels here. Clint Fulkerson is a Maine artist whose work is on show at Corey Daniels now.  I really wish I could own that blanket!


Kathryn said...

Corey Daniels has been on my to visit list ever since I came across that NY times article. Loved seeing the personal pics, looks even better than I imagined! Enjoy your vacation!

Lari Washburn said...

Thant's so funny! It is so amazing. His eye is faultless, and I have some idea what it is like to work on an old house, so it is almost beyond comprehension what he has achieved. Hope your garden is not consuming all your free time!

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