Happy Birthday Henry

Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau! You give me joy every day. I'm so grateful that you took the path you did, and had the curiosity and will to see and write about what you saw. You went out into the natural world every day, and for long hours. People saw you standing and staring at a pond for half a day, and chided you for your laziness. You celebrated your poverty because you knew the wealth you were receiving by being a close observer of nature surpassed money. Whenever I feel tired of the world I just read your journal and am refreshed. Here is what you said about purpose: "All that a man has to say or do that can possibly concern mankind, is in some shape or other to tell the story of his love, - to sing; and, if he is fortunate and keeps alive, he will be forever in love. This alone is to be alive to the extremities."

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