Calder's Studio

Calder in his Roxbury studio via the Calder Foundation
Calder's studio
Alexander Calder working in his studio

During my break for stillness I did not use my computer or watch movies or TV. That gave me lots of time to read! I started looking at books about Alexander Calder, and became enthralled with his work and life all over again. His studios are like intricate sculptures themselves. He certainly surrounded himself with a vast amount of material for his art. I relate to all the different "stations" you can see in his studios. I use this approach as well, in my studio (albeit on a very different scale!). I like to work in one area for awhile and then switch to another table for something different. I suppose there is a kind of rest in moving from one thing to another. I also started looking at the rugs his wife Louisa hooked from Calder's designs. Now I want to hook rugs! Their life was so imaginative and full of their creations. Everything they touched they transformed into art. I bet they never spent a minute watching TV or on a computer. Makes you stop and think doesn't it? And if you want to see all kinds of wonderful old photos of Calder's studios and work, the Calder Foundation (link above) is comprehensive.

Calder at Home by Pedro Guerrero


Kitty said...

I love his work too.

zeynep said...

i emulate your contemplation times, you really turn back lots of inspiring posts :) i am also waiting others... :)

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