Homage to Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly via Time Magazine
Cy Twombly via Time Magazine
Cy Twombly via Time Magazine
One of my touchstones died the day before yesterday at the age of 83. I first saw Cy Twombley's painted wood sculptures at the National Gallery in Washington DC, and was knocked into a whole new understanding of what sculpture, and art, could be. That is the power of art isn't it....creating a paradigm shift. The way he made his scribbly paintings and drawings gave me permission to scribble too. I heard on the radio that he went to Italy to live nearly 50 years ago to get away from the hype of the American art scene. He just wanted the freedom to create what he was led to making by some deep devotion to his own voice. Time Magazine online did this nice photo essay, where these photos came from.


kitty kilian said...

Yeah, his scribblings are great! Good that you let him inspire you!

Kathryn said...

I can completely relate to his need to escape the art world! It certainly did him good! He will be missed here too.

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