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Just fantasizing about what it would be like to have a great cafe nearby. These are some places I wouldn't mind dropping by a few times a week. Sadly, in Maine the concept of hanging out in cafes isn't as thoroughly embraced as I think it should be. I keep hoping somebody will create the perfect cafe in my town. Perfection to me is: comfortable seating arrangements that allow for privacy or society; character; art; music that is carefully tended; cleanliness; good coffee drinks of course....and that certain vibe that allows you to be a part of the scene without having to be active. What are your cafe requirements and where are they being met?


Tracey said...

those photos are so great!! I absolutely agree with your qualifiers for a perfect cafe. I would add interesting space architecturally to that list - we have a little cafe here in town that is striving for many of these things but their space is an abandoned retail store - with aluminum frames on the windows and everything!

So unfortunately, there is no vibe. I go there, but I would love a vibe-y place :D

But their coffee's pretty good, their ice cream (in the summer) is FANTASTIC, and they have a small corner with toys and a chalkboard wall for kids to play. So it's like a time away without being away ;)

Iro {Ivy style33} said...

I'd love being in one of the pictures' places and your criteria pretty much meet mine.

Relaxing atmosphere, smart design and people who can appreciate art & beauty but then are not only interested about that.

P.S: thank you so much for your very kind comment on my blog and patiently following my blogging journey :)

Best regards,
Iro {Ivy}

betsy said...

love all of these photos! i'd like to meet you at that fantasy cafe you'll be opening. xx

kathryn said...

Great photos! So sorry you don't have a cafe near you to hang out in! I pass by all the ones we have here in SF to go to a little known one because it's quiet and the owners know us so well, they know our order and our names. Just a little bit of personalization goes a long way!

Lari Washburn said...

You are all so sweet! What about a meetup for all of us at one of these spots?...that would be a treat!

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