Another Closet Visit

Claire Cottrell via Closet Visit
Claire Cottrell via Closet Visit

Check out that shirt (don't look at that enviable butt)!
I know I already told you about this cool site, but I don't think anyone was paying attention. So here it goes again. I really love the way Jeana Sohn goes into stylish women's homes and closets and shows us what's really in there. It's fun to see how arty, confident women put themselves together. So go over here to check out Closet Visit.

Claire Cottrell via Closet Visit
Claire Cottrell's closet via Closet Visit


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

I was listening :) I added it to my blog feed. I really enjoy your blog and your work, and that you direct me to new-to-me artists. :) Tara

Lari Washburn said...

thanks Tara...so nice to know you enjoy visiting, and such kind comments!

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