Went to Frontier in Brunswick yesterday to celebrate the first sunny day in forever. The windows of this old industrial building are huge and the sunlight was pouring in. I love the cozy ethnic bubbling vibe here. That's what I miss most about city life..the way you can have an anonymous place to go to where you can just melt into the scene and be a part but not participate.

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Tara Thayer said...

Hi Lari,
I'm spending way too much of Sunday looking at your flickr page and I am in love with your food photos, your garden...and I'm taking notes on all the fabulous places in Maine that we will check out in August. I can not wait to go to Chase's Daily..
Thanks for all of the Maine inspiration...we only spend one month a year there, but I spend most of the rest of the year "researching" and daydreaming.

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