Painting (and not)

For the past 10 years I've saved my TO DO lists with the idea that I would make something out of them. This is only a small pile of them. Most of them are embedded in my journals, but sometimes I tear one out and carry it around. I get great satisfaction from crossing off. I've been known to add something just to cross it off. Sick, isn't it? I put these shots together because it's the great battle of my life...paint, or "to do". I'd love to hear how others are with this dilemma. I'd love to hear about your TO DO lists too.


eyebuzz fine art said...

I haven't used a to-do list in years, but just started again yesterday. I'm getting old I guess. I know what you mean about adding something just to cross it off, though. Gave me a brief thrill of accomplishment.
Beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by my Flickr.

Lari Washburn said...

Love your Flickr. Thanks for your kind comments. Just think of TO DO lists as an art form!

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